Wilshire Park Principal Maria Roberts on top of a stage in front of a presentation screen

Wilshire Park Elementary Principal Maria Roberts, in partnership with Dr. Keith Mayes (Associate Professor of African American and African studies at U of MN), provided the keynote called Congested Intersections: Examining the History of Racialized Special Education in the Pursuit of Educational Equity in General Education. 

Using the research of Dr. Mayes' book "The Unteachables", MASE conference participants learned the racialized history of special education, reflect on our current educators' and administrators' practices that reproduce similar inequitable conditions and offer some tools to think about how general education and special education can work collectively to produce sustainable equitable outcomes within school systems.

Thank you, Maria, for providing your expertise on this topic. We are grateful to have you at Wilshire Park Elementary!

Dr. Keith Mayes, Principal Maria Roberts and Hope Fagerland standing next to eachother smiling