Volunteer in our school

Students at their desks in class

Volunteer and make a difference

Children are our future — what is ours will one day be theirs. For these reasons, education is the greatest gift a child may receive.

Help prepare today's youth for the challenges of tomorrow through volunteering at Wilshire Park Elementary School. The volunteer's reward is experienced by helping shape the joys of a child's overall learning experience, and creating  memorable moments for all involved.

Volunteering is an opportunity to:

  • Experience the satisfaction of helping others.
  • Grow personally.
  • Develop new skills or maintain already developed skills.
  • Meet people and make new friends.
  • Achieve experience for future jobs or academic reference.
  • Show children that you have an interest in their school.
  • Exhibit your belief that education is a partnership between home and school.
  • Share your time and talents
  • Invest in the future of our youth.
  • Live your belief that learning is a lifelong process.

Volunteering is an excellent way to make a difference in the education of today's youth. Even a few hours out of your week can have a lasting effect on more than a few lives! 

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