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The curriculum at Wilshire Park Elementary School offers varied approaches to learning which are based on learning styles, individual learning needs and student and teacher interests.

These approaches may include cooperative learning groups, co-teaching (two teachers working together) and departmentalized instruction (grade-level specialists who teach language arts, math, social studies or science). An interdisciplinary approach is used in many classrooms which incorporates several subject areas at the same time around a specific theme. A focus is differentiated instruction, which means tailoring the curriculum to better meet the needs of students of all ability levels.

In addition to classroom instruction, subject matter specialists add to the core curriculum in the areas of art, math, media (library), vocal music, physical education and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Additional curriculum specialists provide instruction in band (5th grade), remedial reading and math, special education, guidance counseling and English Learners (EL). Each subject area is aligned with the Minnesota State Standards.

Additional academic challenge, support and enrichment opportunities are provided through the gifted/talented program and include creative thinking skills lessons, Young Author's Conference, Continental Math League and Summer Academy. In addition, students may choose to participate in Destination Imagination.

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Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) at WP

When students go work with STEM Specialist Lisa Cartwright, they work on science, technology, engineering and math standards. They use their creativity and problem-solving skills while building a growth mindset and a culture of perseverance.
We're proud to have a strong STEM program that nurtures each student's brilliance at Wilshire Park Elementary!

Looking for STEM activities to do at home? Check out Lisa Cartwright's website!

STEM Website

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